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Products are received and checked off against your delivery advice and the supplied paperwork, a QA report is conducted using our auditing system to check for any damage before being entered into our WMS System and transferred to pick bays or palletised for easy access.
If we see any issues with stock or quantity received we will contact you immediately.

We offer simple storage solutions tailored to your business needs, including long term pallet storage or pick bay storage for everyday orders.

With our online WMS system we have the flexibility to allow our customers to enter orders using a secure log-on or our staff can do all the administration for you. We also have the ability to receive EDI orders from large retailers.

Plan A is a pick and pack specialist, partnering with innovative businesses in various industries. We understand the need to keep costs down so we have the flexibility to consolidate goods to ensure you are not paying for storage you do not require. We also have the ability to arrange for samples to be consolidated and delivered.

Our least cost routing and reliable transport partners offer excellent security so your product will be delivered on time and in full each time. We have the following options available for our customers –
• Same day delivery
• Next day delivery
• Road express
• Air Freight
• B2B or B2C

We can organise any product which needs to be returned into stock to be picked up and returned to our facility. QA reports can be compiled and stock re-worked, or sorted if required.

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